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Catching Up

I’ve been a little behind on my blogging lately. Work has been crazy and so has Ella who is now a super fast crawler. She turned 11 months old Saturday. 11 months old!! My little baby girl will be one years old next month! I cannot believe it!!

Weight: 23.5lbs – she has finally slowed down in the weight gaining department..thank GOD!

Height: 29.5 inches

Sleeping patterns: We have now narrowed it down to one nap a day and let me tell you this is no my doing! I would lay Ella down for her first nap around 10:30 and it would take her forever to fall asleep. Maybe around 11-1130. Then she would sleep for 2 hours. I will never wake her up. She knows how long she needs to sleep. Then I would try to lay her down at 3 or 4 and she would never go to sleep. So, then I just started laying her down around 11:30. She goes right to sleep and wakes up 2 hours later. We have also been putting her down around 8-8:30. Just depends on how tired she is.

Eating habits: Same routine as we always have done. We changed her formula to the Gerber 2. It supposed to have more nutrients that she needs now that she gets older. She has discovered that she loves Animal Crackers and Nila Wafers. They also don’t have very many calories or sugar in them.

Accomplishments: She is such a fast crawler! She follows me everywhere too, it’s so funny! I’ll walk in the bathroom and start putting on my makeup, then I’ll look around the door to see where she is in the other room and she will be sitting around in front of me. It kind of freaks me out a little bit. Another thing, not really an accomplishment, is that Ella is now in the big tub! We used to bathe her in a ducky pool type thing but she really has gotten to big for it. I bought a mat for the bottom of the tub and she just loves it!


Mothers Day wasn’t what I thought it would be for my FIRST Mother’s Day. I don’t know what I expected really. I guess Mother’s Day isn’t really special until your child actually knows what Mother’s Day is..haha. “Ella” made me a sweet card and she even signed it with her hand print. So sweet!! =) Had lunch with my mom and family Sunday morning after church. The ride there was pretty crazy. Ella is cutting in MORE teeth (by the way she already has 7!) and she was screaming bloody murder in the car. I was also by myself since Caleb and I take separate cars to church since he has to get there early. I actually had to stop the car and get her out. I didn’t know what was wrong at first until she started chewing on her sippy cup. When we got home Caleb helped me get Ora-gel on her teeth and gave her baby Advil. She was just as happy as she could be after that! I’m telling you, my kid LOVES medicine!

My new diaper bag, which was also my Mother’s Day present, came in about a week ago and I am so happy with it! The color is so cute and the inside has plenty of pockets! It’s not as roomy or big as my other one, which I don’t need now that Ella is getting older. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to carry everything I needed, but the pockets on the inside are huge and you can put anything in there! I usually carry a sippy cup with me every time I leave the house. Now it doesn’t fit in the bottle pocket (most sippy cups don’t, FYI) but it does fit in one of the inside pockets. I just love it!!


Operation Diaper Bag

A couple of weeks ago Ella and I went to Kroger to get some groceries. I pushed my buggy out to the car and put Ella in her car seat. I then started loading the car with groceries. When I was done I ran my buggy over to the return carts place and hurried back to the car. I then started heading home, when 2 mins later I realized I didn’t have my diaper bag!! I then remembered I put it on the bottom part of the buggy and then put it in the return cart.

I called Kroger before I got there to see if they could get to it before I could. But when I got there my bag was gone and so were all the buggies. I thought, oh they must have grabbed it for me. So I grabbed Ella and went inside to the Customer Service desk to see if they had. No such luck. I stood there for about an hour with them looking at cameras, searching buggies, asking everyone! The bag was gone! I wouldn’t have gone through this much trouble if it was just a diaper bag, but I also had my wallet in there. I have to give Kroger a little credit for doing all they did. They really did helped me all they could. They even called the police for me so I could file a report. I doubt they would ever find the bag (especially with it being 2 weeks ago, it’s not looking good), but I still wanted it on record about my license and credit cards.

It has been a royal pain trying to get all my cards and license back. I didn’t have any cash in the wallet so that was good (I never carry cash). I just received my debit and credit card, as well as my license in the mail. It was really hard going around without anything but cash in your pocket!

Now that I had most of the things in my wallet, it was time to get a new bag. I decided that with Mother’s Day coming up I would just get a relatively nice bag as a gift! When I bought the bag that was stolen, which I loved, I had done a lot of research on what I wanted. I could have just bought the same bag but I was wanting something a little smaller so that I could carry it with me to work as well when Ella goes to daycare. It was between these two bags:

The first one is the JJ Cole Swag and the second one is JJ Cole Technique in green. They had both of these bags at Buy Buy Baby, except they didn’t have the green color. I was really worried about the green being too bright/loud. I went to the store by myself so it was really hard for me to decide on which one to get. I really like having someone with me to help me decide on which one looks best. But I ended up getting the JJ Cole Swag since they didn’t have the other one I wanted in the green. I got it home, cut all the tags off, put my stuff in, and really wasn’t happy with it. I know it sounds silly to have a complex about a DIAPER BAG but this is something I have to use and wear everyday and I want to get something I like.

So, I decided to take it back and see if I could get my money back without the tags being on, since I bought it the day before I didn’t think it would a problem. And it wasn’t. I was able to get all my money back. I then proceeded back to the diaper bag isle and still contemplated over all the bags (they have a HUGE selection). There was another girl there who was pregnant and trying to decide on a bag to register. She was so sweet and really helped me decide on which bag to get. She said that she also liked the JJ Cole technique and thought the green was cool. I decided right then that this was the bag for me. I ordered it off of Amazon today and I should get it Thursday, just in time for Mother’s Day. I just hope this ends my diaper bag search!

Firefly Lane Book Review

I finished reading Firefly Lane a few weeks ago and thought I better do a book review on it before I forget about it. I picked up this book at the book store on a whim. It was under the best sellers and honestly, I was drawn to the book by the cover. After I read the inside sleeve, I was hooked!

It only took me about a month to read this book, and that’s good when you have a 10 month old and a full-time job! I am really picky about how books are laid out by chapters and this book did a good job with that. The chapters weren’t to long or to short.

This book is about two girls that meet when they are younger and stay best friends forever despite their differences. I thought Kristin Hannah did a good job with keeping the attention of the reader. You can see how writing a book about two people’s lives from when they are 10 to when they are old women could be a little drawn out. But, Kristin Hannah did a good job with not going on an on about certain things. The ending is a great ending as well.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this to others. This isn’t a mainly book, but some men might enjoy the read.

Now I just need to start a new book! Isn’t it so hard to start a new book once you finish another? Maybe some of you don’t have that problem but I do! I also have a problem with reading the books that I have!! My sister gave me three books to read, Return to Sullivan’s Island, The Beach House, and Cutting for Stone. Neither of the previews have caught my attention but I think I will try reading The Beach House first. Although, I did see that a movie is coming out based off the novel Something Borrowed and it looks really good! I always like to read the book first before I see a movie based on it. I guess we will see.

Photo Monday

I’m going to start a new thing where every Monday I will post only a photo.

So here’s the first Entry.

Ten Month Update


Ella turned 10 months old yesterday and she is getting so big! She has developed her own little personality and is just a happy baby overall.

Weight: 23lbs

Height: 29.5 inches

Sleeping patterns: She is still sleeping through the night very well (she has her moments where it’s hard for her to go to sleep). She still takes 2 naps a day, somedays it’s 1 nap. We usually just let her tell us if she needs more than 1 nap a day. There are some days where she is begging to take a nap.

Eating habits: Still on the same routine with baby food. She eats snacks now like; Cheddar Bunnies, Goldfish, Gerber cheese puffs, etc. She has mastered the sippy cup and loves drinking her juice/water.

Accomplishments: She has really hit a lot of accomplishments this month! About 2 weeks ago she started crawling and she is getting better/faster at it ever since! She is able to sit herself up now too. Most recently she has started pulling up on EVERYTHING!

Growing Pains

Had to go to the office to work today and I know it might sound really silly but I really miss my little girl! I know I’m with her 24-7 and I should be thankful for a break (which I am), but she is just so sweet!! Lately, she has just been so happy and so good! She is normally pretty good but she has her moments, just like we all do! Her daddy is watching her today and I know he is enjoying some alone time, so that makes me feel a little bit better! =)

Another thing that makes me a little sad is that she is really growing up! It seems like she is hitting all her milestones at once this week! I know I blogged about not crawling a few weeks ago, well she is crawling now! She is mostly army crawling, which I would consider crawling but someone people don’t. She will start out on all fours (hands and knees) but usually just ends up crawling with her face! She can’t really get to places though!

She is also starting to climb on things and pull herself up! And she really has started doing all these things this week! We had to lower the bed today too. Oh, and a few days ago I caught her sitting up! She sat herself up! I didn’t see her do it so I wasn’t sure how, but now she is doing it all the time! It’s so cute! Who knew that something so small could make you squeal and be so proud (you can tell by all the exclamation marks how proud I am)! I guess that’s just the beginning of things to come that will make me so proud of her! =)

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